African Crested Porcupine

African crested porcupines are the largest species of porcupines. As nocturnal animals, porcupines use their long whiskers to help them feel around in the dark when foraging. Their diet consists of tubers, bark, bulbs, fruit, and roots and they can … Continued


Sure, this animal looks like some tail-less beaver or weird looking guinea pig, but it’s actually a capybara— the largest rodent in the world! Affectionately known as “capys,” the capybara is native to Central and South America. Their long, rodent-esque teeth … Continued

Grant’s Zebra

Found in the African savanna, the Grant’s zebra has vertical stripes in the front and horizontal strips in the back, creating a distinguishable “v” pattern. To keep from overheating, zebras have an extra layer of fat underneath the dark stripes. … Continued


This species may not be as cute as other African animals, but they are one of the most intelligent animal species! Unlike many other animals from Africa, the warthog is not endangered due to its superior adaptability skills. For example, … Continued

Spotted Hyena

Found in Africa, spotted hyenas are a part of the Hyaenidae family along with striped hyenas, brown hyenas, and aarwolf. Spotted hyenas are actually more related to cats than dogs! Social hierarchy is very important to this species. They live … Continued

Grey Wolf

Although they are referred to as “grey” wolves, these canids actually range in color, from solid white and solid black to a mix of white, grey and brown. Grey wolves once roamed most of Europe, Asia and North America (even Texas!), though … Continued

Fennec Fox

These little foxes are cute and full of charm, making them a fan favorite! Native to the Sahara Desert, this fox species is the smallest of the canine family, only growing to about 12 inches and weighing just over 3 pounds. … Continued

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