What Does Your Donation Do?

Because we’re a privately owned zoo, 100% of our funding comes from visitors and donations. With every dollar spent, you’re participating in Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo’s mission to conserve, educate and protect.

Provide the Best Possible Care for our Animals

From veterinary care to nutritious diets and enrichment, your donations help the animals at Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo live a healthy, happy life.

Build a Better Zoo

We’re a small zoo doing big things! Every donation helps support our zoo’s renovations, regrowth and expansion.

Engage the Community

We believe that education and conservation are of the utmost importance. Every dollar spent keeps our education programs alive— including volunteer programs, field trips, outreach events and more.

Invest in our Future

All contributions help us provide a home for endangered species, exceed standards in animal care, assist in conservation and research and provide an educational outlet for our visitors. With your help, we can do incredible things.



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