Zoo rules are created for the safety and welfare of both our guests and the animals. Please obey all rules, guidelines and posted signs throughout Zoo property. The Zoo staff will remove anyone who violates the rules and guidelines. We reserve the right to inspect any item brought onto Zoo property. 

  1. Respect the Animals

    Please treat the Zoo’s animals with the respect they deserve. Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo is their home. Do not yell at or taunt the animals, do not bang on their enclosures and do not throw objects into their habitats. We will remove you from the property the first time this rule is violated. 

  2. Respect your Boundaries

    Never cross any fence or barrier in the Zoo. Do not try to touch the animals— if an animal has teeth, it can bite; if an animal has claws, it can scratch. This is for the safety of both our visitors and our animals. We will remove you from the property the first time this rule is violated. 

  3. Do Not Feed the Animals

    The animals at Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo have veterinarian approved and formulated diets to ensure their health and wellbeing. Human food may make them sick. We will remove you from the property the first time this rule is violated. Note: you may feed the animals that participate in the “Feed Your Friends” program with approved food purchased from the gift shop. 

  4. No Smoking

    To decrease fire hazards and ensure the safety and health of the animals, guests and staff, smoking is not permitted on property. This includes the parking lot.

  5. No Pets

    All pets are prohibited from the Zoo to protect both the Zoo animals and your animals. Do not leave pets in your car while you are in the zoo or we will ask you to leave and return without them. Service animals are allowed in the zoo, though they are not permitted to enter the petting zoo.

  6. Children Must be Supervised at All Times

    We get it— kids are adventurous and like to wander! However, we want your kiddos to stay safe. Keep an eye on them and make sure they are supervised at all times. Any individual under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the Zoo.

  7. Dress Code

    Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Swimwear must be sufficiently covered. Offensive or provocative items on clothing or swimwear is prohibited. Costumes or disguises that conceal identity are not permitted. Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who refuses to comply with the dress code summarized above.

  8. Beverages

    You are welcome to bring outside, non-alcoholic beverages into the Zoo. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Zoo if they were not purchased from our food vendor. Straws are also not permitted inside the Zoo. Please make sure any straws are discarded before entering for your visit.

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