For half a century, the “Snake Farm” has been one the most prominent must-see attractions in the San Antonio/Austin area. Its establishment in 1967 provided a home to an extensive collection of snakes, reptiles and other exotic mammals. With its historic roots and loyal fan base, the “Snake Farm” quickly became a popular roadside attraction that both locals and travelers were drawn to.

In 2007, the facility received new ownership and big plans. The Snake Farm has since transitioned to Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo— a fully accredited zoological park that homes over 500 different species of animals. Being accredited by the Zoological Association of America means that the Zoo has a special focus on superior animal husbandry, conservation, education, and research.

Over the past few years, most of the original Snake Farm exhibits have been restored, renovated and rebuilt. Exhibits have massively increased in size, giving the animals a happier, healthier lifestyle. With hearty enrichment programs and a dedicated staff of zoologists, animal care has exceeded even the highest standards.

As the environment continues to improve for the animals, the experience for visitors improves, too. Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo has implemented an interactive show schedule, unique Outreach and Education program, birthday party and field trip venues and much more.

One of the top priorities at Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo is to provide an intimate, up-close and personal experience. Through hands-on interactions, education and conservation based programs and interactive shows, visitors are given the opportunity to make genuine connections that will last a lifetime.

You can read more about our expansion here.

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