Common Brown Lemur

The common brown lemur is found on the island of Madagascar and its neighboring islands. This species of lemur lives in troops of 3-12 members. Unlike most other lemurs, the common brown lemur does not show signs of female dominance … Continued

White-Necked Raven

Ravens are the largest passerine— or  perching— birds in North America. They can live in a variety of habitats, from snow to desert to mountains to forests. Because they are so adaptable, they are able to live throughout the Northern … Continued

Black Mamba

The black mamba is one of the world’s deadliest snakes— not only are they the fastest land snake, but their venom contains both neurotoxins and cardiotoxins. Before the creation of black mamba antivenin, a bite from this species was most … Continued

Dromedary Camel

The dromedary camel, also known as the Arabian camel, is a one-humped, desert-dwelling mammal. They are native to Africa and the Middle East as well as Australia, where they are considered “feral” animals. These camels are nicknamed “ships of the … Continued

Red Ruffed Lemur

The red ruffed lemur inhabits deciduous tropical forests in the northeast area of Madagascar. This lemur species lives in trees and can be found in branches up to 3,300 feet in elevation! The red ruffed lemur is the largest species … Continued

Ring-Tailed Lemur

Like all species of lemurs, the ringtail lemur can only be found on the island of Madagascar and its neighboring islands. This lemur species live in troops of 10 to 30 members and is led by a dominant female. Although ringtail lemurs … Continued

African Crested Porcupine

African crested porcupines are the largest species of porcupines. As nocturnal animals, porcupines use their long whiskers to help them feel around in the dark when foraging. Their diet consists of tubers, bark, bulbs, fruit, and roots and they can … Continued

Grant’s Zebra

Found in the African savanna, the Grant’s zebra has vertical stripes in the front and horizontal strips in the back, creating a distinguishable “v” pattern. To keep from overheating, zebras have an extra layer of fat underneath the dark stripes. … Continued


This species may not be as cute as other African animals, but they are one of the most intelligent animal species! Unlike many other animals from Africa, the warthog is not endangered due to its superior adaptability skills. For example, … Continued

Spotted Hyena

Found in Africa, spotted hyenas are a part of the Hyaenidae family along with striped hyenas, brown hyenas, and aarwolf. Spotted hyenas are actually more related to cats than dogs! Social hierarchy is very important to this species. They live … Continued

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