Albino American Alligator

Other than their color, albino alligators are the same as regular-colored alligators. Albino gators just have albinism. Albinism is a rare genetic abnormality where the one affected has a lack of pigmentation. So other than the color of their skin … Continued

Green Anaconda

Weighing up to 550 pounds, the green anaconda holds the record for the heaviest snake in the world. They can reach over 20 feet in length and measure over a foot in girth! The green anaconda is native to South … Continued

American Alligator

American alligators were once an endangered animal, but they are now considered one of the success stories of U.S. wildlife conservation. They were once hunted (almost to extinction!) for their skin, which is used to make boots, purses, and other … Continued

Asian Small Clawed Otter

Asian small clawed otters are native to several countries throughout Asia, including areas of India, Indonesian islands, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Southern China, and Palawan in the Philippines. These social animals are the smallest of the 13 otter species and … Continued


Sure, this animal looks like some tail-less beaver or weird looking guinea pig, but it’s actually a capybara— the largest rodent in the world! Affectionately known as “capys,” the capybara is native to Central and South America. Their long, rodent-esque teeth … Continued

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