A private animal encounter featuring one of our dromedary camels.

Since Spring Break in San Antonio is right around the corner, we would like to take this opportunity to humbly invite you to our zoo’s wild Spring Break celebration. Even though we are known for our Snake Farm roots, our zoo is home to over 500 different animal species, from adorable fennec foxes and river otters to formidable kings of the jungle like jaguars, white lions, and much more! This impressive array of animals makes our Spring Break party perfect for all kinds of animal lovers. In addition to discussing our long-anticipated Spring Break event, we will be suggesting several local Spring Break events that encourage guests to get in touch with their wild sides! Here is a list of the 5 fun-filled events we will be highlighting throughout this blog:

  • Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo’s Spring Break event
  • The San Antonio River Walk’s and The Harp & Shamrock Society of Texas’ Bud Light St. Patrick’s Festival
  • Go Rio Cruises’ Spring Break Reserved Tours
  • The Sylver Spoon Dinner Theater’s Elvis is in the Building: Dinner Concert
  • The Good Kind’s Sunday Brunch Dance Party

Join us for our wild Spring Break celebration from Saturday, March 11 to Sunday, March 26. Reserve your tickets to this event while supplies last!  

Wild Enrichment Activities Offered During The Zoo’s Spring Break Celebration  

Guests who visit the Zoo during Spring Break in San Antonio are guaranteed to have a wild time like no other! Whether you want to commemorate the occasion by meeting an adorable fennec fox in person or have always wanted to hand feed a majestic bison, our Spring Break event is sure to have something for everyone. In fact, we are excited to announce that we will be offering five brand new animal encounters during our Spring Break celebration! The first of these new encounters will feature our adorable pancake tortoises. This unique tortoise species is named after its distinctly flat shell. Even though tortoises are notoriously slow, the pancake tortoise’s flat shell allows it to move faster than its round-shelled counterparts. Another fun fact about pancake tortoises is that their brown, patterned shell allows them to seamlessly blend into their habitat to hide from potential predators. Book an animal encounter with our pancake tortoises to make this Spring Break unforgettable!

An adorable pancake tortoise.

Another new encounter that we will be unveiling during our Spring Break celebration will showcase our incredible dwarf crocodiles! In August, we had the privilege of welcoming two baby dwarf crocs into the Zoo’s constantly growing family. Now that these crocs have gotten used to their surroundings, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to them through this interactive animal encounter! Since dwarf crocs only grow up to about 5 feet long, meeting these little guys in person can be a great opportunity for guests to get acquainted with our smallest crocodilians. Since these animal encounters double as incredible enrichment activities for our guests and animal residents alike, consider booking an animal encounter at the Zoo this Spring Break! For more information about our wide array of animal encounters, visit our website.

Baby dwarf crocodiles that the Zoo welcomed back in August.

Our Spring Break Event Isn’t the Only Wildest Adventure Texas Has to Offer!

Before we share other amazing ways that you can celebrate Spring Break San Antonio 2023, we wanted to briefly discuss how Spring Break zoo visits can be fun for guests of all ages. Many people assume that zoos can only be fun for kids. However, our zoo’s fun and educational animal shows serve as formative enrichment activities for adults and kids alike. In fact, we will be offering fun-filled animal shows every half hour during our Spring Break event in celebration of the warmer temperatures ahead! When you visit the Zoo this Spring Break, you can come away with all the animal knowledge you could ever ask for— and much more! Now that we have shared some of the main reasons why our zoo’s Spring Break party is our personal favorite way to celebrate, here are some other events that offer plenty of fun, games, and enrichment activities for all!

An interactive bison feeding show.

A private animal encounter with one of our red ruffed lemurs.

Since the San Antonio River Walk is known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire state, it should be no surprise that it is home to some of the best ways to celebrate Spring Break in San Antonio! The first of these phenomenal Spring Break parties is the Bud Light St. Patrick’s Festival. During this event, guests can expect live entertainment, a variety of vendors, and a festive St. Patrick’s river parade teeming with Irish entertainment. Another fantastic Spring Break event that will be held along the charming San Antonio River Walk is Go Rio Cruises’ Spring Break Reserved Tours. This narrated boat tour will immerse attendees in San Antonio’s rich history, vibrant culture, and all the amazing sights the city has to offer! While these tours are offered on a regular basis throughout the year, Go Rio Cruises is offering exclusive, extended tours during Spring Break. From discovering first-hand why San Antonio River Walk is a must-see attraction to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with the scenic backdrop of downtown San Antonio, attending these events could make this Spring Break your wildest adventure yet!

Swing by These Amazing Parties for an Unforgettable Spring Break in New Braunfels!

Here at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo, we are immensely grateful to have regular guests who come from all over Texas to visit the Zoo. In recognition of this, we would like to highlight some amazing, local ways that guests like you can celebrate Spring Break in New Braunfels after attending our Spring Break celebration! Another one of our favorite Spring Break events is The Sylver Spoon Dinner Theater’s Elvis is in the Building: Dinner Concert. Similar to our Spring Break party, this event serves as one of the many amazing, fun-filled enrichment activities for adults and kids alike can enjoy in New Braunfels. During this event, diners can indulge in a delicious three course meal while watching a performance by an award-winning Elvis tribute artist! Swing by this unforgettable dinner experience after partying all day with our amazing animal ambassadors. Adventure awaits such fun-filled festivities!

Since New Braunfels is only a stone’s throw away from San Antonio, here is one great suggestion of how you can end your Spring Break in San Antonio and New Braunfels on a high note! If you decide to make a weekend trip to New Braunfels for our Spring Break celebration, we highly recommend swinging by The Good Kind’s Sunday Brunch Dance Party while you’re in town. At this all ages and pet-friendly event, partygoers can jam out to groovy tunes as they partake in their favorite brunch foods. Join resident DJ Ira and local brunch enthusiasts for the wildest adventure Southtown has to offer!

Party Hard with Your Favorite Animal Residents During This Upcoming Spring Break in Texas!

We hope these suggestions help you decide which events to attend this Spring Break, and we hope you consider joining us to commemorate Spring Break in Texas this year! At our zoo’s Spring Break celebration, we will be offering interactive animal shows every half hour. In celebration of the warming temperatures, we will also be introducing two brand new animal encounters with our pancake tortoises and baby dwarf crocs. Book an animal encounter with these lovely reptilians to get in touch with your wild side this Spring Break. We can’t wait to see you and your friends at our long-awaited Spring Break party!

A private animal encounter with a striped skunk animal ambassador.

A zoo guest posing for a selfie with one of our petting zoo animals.

A young woman posing for a photo with a baby goat.

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