The three baby capybaras housed at Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo.

If you’ve been keeping up with us on social media or in person, you already know all about the lovely capybara babies we welcomed into the Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo family back in March. These cuties have gotten so much love from keepers and guests alike that we have made them the stars of their very own private animal encounter! When you book a private capybara encounter, you can meet Katy, Enzo, and Kiwi up close and personal! Unlike other capybara experiences in Texas, you will get to enter our capybara enclosure to feed and pet our capybara babies. Keep reading to see some adorable capybara pictures and learn a few incredible capybara facts!

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Learn More About Our Cute Capybara Ambassadors 

Before we dive into some amazing capybara facts, we wanted to introduce you to the capys you would meet during a private capybara encounter at the Snake Farm. First up are our cute capybara brothers, Enzo and Kiwi! When they aren’t grooming each other or taking naps in the shade, you are sure to find them people watching and waiting to receive belly rubs! Our baby capybara brothers also love wading in the shallow waters of the pond in their enclosure. When meeting these cuties during a private encounter, you will know how excited they are to meet you when they run up to you and start jumping up on their hind legs to see you!

Two zoo guests participating in an up close and personal capybara encounter.

No introduction of our baby capybaras would be complete without mentioning Katy, our divalicious, baby girl capybara. Katy is calm and laid-back like her brothers, but she also gets pretty excited when she meets guests during private encounters! While it can be easy to think that she’s only excited to meet you because you’ll be feeding her yummy treats, our baby capybaras are just as pumped to meet you as you are to meet them! But don’t take our word for it; since capybaras are very vocal animals, our capy babies will express their excitement to meet you by purring, barking, whistling, and even squealing!

Capybara Facts to Test Your Capy Knowledge!

Now that we have introduced you to our cute capybara ambassadors, it’s finally time to share some of our personal favorite capybara facts! Capybaras may resemble fuzzy potatoes, but they are actually the largest rodent in the world! Known for their carefree demeanor, the capybara is native to South America and is considered a semi-aquatic animal. Besides wading through shallow waters to keep cool, capybaras also use bodies of water as places to mate and hide from predators. In fact, capybaras can stay underwater for up to five minutes at a time! Capybaras are well suited for living near bodies of water due to their webbed feet, which help them move around in the water, and their unique facial structure. Unlike other rodents, capybaras’ facial features are located towards the top of their heads, which lets them see and breathe while they swim. How cool is that!

Dandy the capybara chilling in the shallow pond in his enclosure.

A capybara poking their head out of the water.

Another incredible fact to consider during your capybara petting experience is that they have plenty of nicknames! Besides being affectionately referred to as “capys,” capybaras are often called “nature’s ottoman” because other animals love to lounge on their flat backs. Such animals include birds, monkeys, and even other capybaras. If you’re lucky, you may even see our capybara babies lounging on each other during your next visit to the Snake Farm! If these fun facts left you craving capy content, check out adorable capybara videos like this one on our TikTok account! 

Even More Capy Facts & Cute Capybara Pictures!

Before we say goodbye for now, we wanted to share a few extra capybara facts to highlight just how special these critters really are! If you’ve ever seen a capybara up close, one of the first things you likely noticed about them are their two long, front teeth. Interestingly enough, these teeth never stop growing! To keep them at a reasonable length, capybaras regularly grind and chew on food or plant fibers. If our capys always seem to be munching on something when you stop by their enclosure for your capybara petting experience, this is why!

Another capy fact that doubles as one of our favorite capybara facts for kids is that, in addition to being great swimmers, they are also fast on their feet! They can run at speeds of up to 22 miles per hour. To put this in perspective, that’s as fast as a horse can run! Who knew such little legs could reach such high speeds! And finally, since no blog about capybaras would be complete without a few photos, here are some adorable capybara pictures to get you even more excited about meeting these cuties in person!

Potato and Dandy, our adult capybaras, sharing their afternoon snack.

The three baby capybaras housed at Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo.

Sing the Capybara Song While Petting Our Three Capybara Babies!

We hope this blog gets you just as pumped about our cute capybara babies as we are and inspires you to meet them up close and personal during your very own capybara encounter! During the encounter, you will enter our capybara enclosure to pet and feed our capybara cuties some of their favorite snacks. As you meet our baby capybaras and give them belly rubs, we encourage you to take as many photos and videos as you want! Whether you prefer the “ok i pull up” capybara meme or the very catchy Capybara Song, we know you will enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We also encourage you to bring as many capybara lovers to this encounter as you’d like— the more, the merrier! We hope to see you and all the capy enthusiasts in your life soon during your very own capybara encounter. From several capybara lovers to you, we just know that Katy, Enzo, and Kiwi can’t wait to meet you!

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