The Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo is excited to welcome a new addition to their facility, three albino alligators. To kick off this exciting animal update, the park has some fun albino alligator animal facts and extra information about their gators to share with you!

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Pictures of Albino Alligators

There is no better way to begin this exciting announcement than to show some breathtaking pictures of albino alligators. Both of the gators pictured are the actual animals that have made their way to Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo. If you can’t get enough of these little guys, come out to the zoo to see them for yourselves! 

Below are some of the photos taken by the zoo’s photographers. Let’s start with some albino alligator animal information to think about as you view these photos. Did you know that other than their color Albino Alligators are the same as regular-colored alligators? Albino gators just have albinism. Albinism is a rare genetic disorder where the one affected has a lack of pigmentation. So other than the color of their skin and often vision issues, albino alligators are just like any other alligators biologically! 


Two albino alligators out in nature. They show the unique color of the albino alligator and lead to a discussion on albino alligator animal facts.
Two of Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo’s new albino alligator arrivals


Full body of Animal World and Snake Farm's albino alligator laying outside.
One of the three albino alligators laying out in the sun


Albino alligator animal in nature looking at the camera showing its teeth and mouth.
One of the albino alligators showing off its toothy smile to the camera


Albino alligator eye closeup
A close look at the unique pigmentation of  albino alligator’s eyes


Even beyond their unique beauty, these three animals have quite a story to tell. They were seized and brought to Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo to be rehabilitated. By monitoring their blood work, implementing a highly specialized diet, and working with their vet Dr. Rierson, they were able to get these three alligators back to a very healthy place. Now the three are feeling in tip-top shape and ready to meet the visitors of Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo! Now that you know their backstory and have seen how far they have come, let’s dive into one of the most commonly asked questions about these animals. 

How many albino alligators are there?

How many albino alligators are there? Well, the current estimate is that there are only about 100 to 200 albino alligators in the world. With that being said, are you wondering “how rare is an albino alligator”? The answer is it is extremely rare. This albino alligator animal update from the zoo, along with the rarity of this type of alligator, has the people of New Braunfels super excited to welcome these animals to their new home. Below are some other interesting albino alligator animal facts to hold you over until you make the trip out to the zoo yourself!

Did you know that albino alligators do best living in human care? Because of their bright color, they do not blend in well with their natural habitat. Because of this, their prey can see them easily, so it is much harder for them to catch food to eat. In human care they can get all the nutrients they need. Another cool fact about these animals is that albino alligators, just like their green counterparts, can grow eight to eleven feet long and can be several hundred pounds. The little gators at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo have lots of growing to do! 

If you want to see more pictures of albino alligators, keep tabs on the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo’s Instagram for updated photos of these youngsters! In the meantime, look at some other pictures of albino animals. See any resemblance to the alligators you just saw?

Albino Alligator Animal Update Offer 

Now that you are budding experts on these wildly incredible animals, it’s time to get serious. Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo is offering you the opportunity to view these three albino alligators at select shows! Keep an eye on their website to make sure you are the first to know when these three join the zoo’s animal encounter program. During a private encounter, you will get to touch, take a photo with, and learn all about albino alligators from the professional zookeeper guiding your visit! 

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