Late spring through early summer is prime-time for animal births at Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo, and this year has been no different.

The season kicked off with the birth of Maya and Kaya, two female mountain lion cubs born on April 1st. The community joined us on naming the cubs through our Facebook page, where fans were able to submit suggestions and voted on the final names— we think Maya and Kaya has been a great fit! The sassy sisters are on exhibit in the Zoo’s nursery exhibit during regular business hours (weather-depending) and can be seen during the Little Safari show at 10:30am.

Next, two South American coatimundi babies were born to mom coati, Jewel, and dad coati, Diego. The twin coatis are a male and female, affectionately named Pearl and Sarge by animal care staff members. The little critters are full of energy and love to climb! You are able to visit Pearl and Sarge during the second Little Safari show at 1:00pm.

Last Friday, we welcomed a new mini horse to our family. Li’l Sebastian, nicknamed “Baby Bash,” is enjoying lots of one-on-one time with her mother, Laura, in our hoof stock barn.

Finally, a tiny squirrel monkey baby was born to healthy parents on Sunday, June 11th. The baby is still too small and young for animal care staff to uncover its gender, but that doesn’t stop us from swooning! The baby can be seen in its exhibit during regular business hours while it happily rides on mom’s back.

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