From our out of this world Eclipse Event to some brand new additions to our zoo family, this month has been nothing short of wild!

As we reminisce on the excitement from this past month, we hope you are reminded of your own wonderful zoo memories you have shared with your loved ones this April. Please make sure to tag us in any #SnakeFarmZoo photo flashbacks you have snapped with your favorite people this past month! 

Totally Wild Eclipse!

This month, New Braunfels was lucky enough to be right on path for viewing the 2024 solar eclipse! To celebrate, everyone here at Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo knew we had to do something truly out of this world. Guests that came to share this experience with us were able to enjoy animal enrichment making, free eclipse viewing goggles, and even an animal talk during the totality of the eclipse. That show sure did get dark in a hurry! After the event, many folks asked us how our animals reacted. If you found yourself wondering the same thing, here is what we observed! Many of our animals, including our adorable ring tailed lemur troop, started to curl up for the “night” as soon as the sky began to dim. Even our hyena’s Sniffs and Songa started taking a snooze. One of our personal favorite animal activities to note though was that our owls began to hoo almost as soon as the eclipse began. Pretty neat!  



Please join us in welcoming our two newest members of the Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo family. Two baby white lions parented by Ngala and Motswari, our majestic white lions! Although these two still have lots of learning to do, they are already growing up so fast. Make sure to stay up to date on our social media for more updates on these little ones. They are expected to make their public debut within the next month and will be able to be viewed within our nursery. 


New Arrival!

If you have been out around our cattle pen this past month you may have gotten a sneak peak at one of our new arrivals, a young dromedary camel! His exceptional dark brown and white color certainly makes him pop. Our visitors are not the only ones excited about this new arrival. Our zebra, adult camels, and bison have all been seen sneaking peeks through the fence at their new friend. Our young baby zebra notably got the zoomies after taking a peak at his fellow youngster roomie. Make sure to keep an eye out for more information on this new cattlepen resident, and don’t forget to wave hello to him during your next visit! There may even be a naming contest in store, so keep an eye on our social media!


Summer is Coming!

The temperature is rising and summer is on its way to Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo! Aside from changing our hours to give you an extra hour of daily Snake Farm fun, we will also be bringing back our shows every half hour to every day of the week. Last, but certainly not least, you can look forward to our favorite tradition of the season. Our weekly Summer Croc Show is offered every Sunday at 3 o’croc. Watch as Jarrod jumps into our infamous croc pond and HAND FEEDS the strongest jaws on the planet. Make sure to keep an eye out for these epic changes starting on Memorial Day Weekend! 

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