a male peacock shows his feathers

Roar Into Adventure This Spring Break In New Braunfels! Experience Wildlife Wonders 


A lion roars majestically, or yawns


Spice up Spring Break 2024 in New Braunfels with your wildest adventure yet! At Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo, we’ll start the season with fun like no other. Our fun fauna & furry friends are ready to star in their educational animal shows. Watch in awe as lions showcase their majestic roar, and listen to the infectious laughter of hyenas before they dive into their meals.

Our Jungle Jam Spring Break Bash is where animal lovers unite to learn and educate themselves about the wildest life Texas has to offer. Bring the whole family to party with your Zoo pals this Spring Break in New Braunfels!

Swing on by for our Jungle Jam Spring Break Bash from Saturday, March 9th to Sunday, March 17th. Reserve your tickets now while supplies last.



Adventure Awaits This Spring Break In Texas


Every Spring Break we host the most epic animal party and celebration of wildlife around. It’s the best chance all year to party one-on-one with your favorite animal ambassadors during a private animal encounter! Our dromedary camels Klaus, Katerina, Kamilla, and Kahla are hyped to show off their humps. Fred the Fennec fox loves to interact & play with animal lovers everywhere. Our Capybaras are ready too, with Enzo, and Kiwi, gearing up for a season of excitement. Tilly the brown Lemur and Chili the red lemur are also ready to hang ten with you and show their silliest tricks.

a lemur hangs from a branch and enjoys a tasty snack


But that’s not all! Don’t forget our reptiles. We have Simon the Burmese python, Tellanie the baby dwarf croc, and Waffles the pancake tortoise all available for private encounters. Even Ruby the albino corn snake and our alligator gang are taking on encounters this year. Hang out with all of these wonderful animals during our animal encounters, available for individuals or groups.


a group of kids holds a large snake during an animal encounter


Animal encounters aren’t the only exciting thing going on during spring break in San Antonio & New Braunfels this year at Animal World. To celebrate a successful school year, every half hour we will offer amazing animal shows. Learn about our fun fauna while we show off our most amazing animal residents. These keeper-led experiences are the best way to learn about our creatures firsthand. It’s also our opportunity to show how we keep everyone at Animal World happy, healthy, and thriving. Keep an eye out for our updated show schedule on our website so you can make your next trip to the Zoo your wildest adventure yet!


Embark On An Untamed Learning Journey! Join us for Spring Break Enrichment Activities


Enrichment activities are the perfect way to bond with our free-roaming creatures by hand-feeding goats, chickens, and more. At our Zoo, we prioritize your fun and experience by fostering interactions wherever we can. That’s why our peacocks and chickens roam free throughout the site. Greeting each of our guests with a feathered frenzy. They love mealworms and our feed, available for purchase at the front. It’s their favorite way to make friends with you! Bonding with our feathered friends and trouble-making goats truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Get up close and personal with our animals at our petting zoo. Spending the whole day hanging out with them is the best way to spend your spring break in Texas.


a male peacock shows his feathers


Every day at Animal World is a chance to get up close and personal with a remarkable animal from a different part of the world. Our new Capybara encounters are a perfect learning opportunity for kids and adults alike. Capybaras are one of the most curious mammals around. They’re highly social and prefer to live in herds of 10-20. They are frequently seen mingling with other animals where symbiotic relationships often form. A symbiotic relationship is when two animals interact in a way that is beneficial for them both. One of the Capybaras’ favorite friends is chickens and other avians. The birds can enjoy an all-you-can buffet of bugs that the Capy attracts, while the Capys get a free grooming session that rids them of those pesky insects.

Take a peek at our capy fun on our tiktok linked below! Book a one-on-one encounter with our Capybaras during our Jungle Jam Spring Break Bash today!



Snack time with our adorable capybara babies! #capybara #capybaratiktok #snakefarm

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Your Wildest adventure yet awaits during the Jungle Jam Spring Break Bash!


Spring Break in San Antonio and New Braunfels isn’t complete without visiting Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo! This year we are welcoming our Baby Dwarf Crocs and Goats zooborns to their first Jungle Jam Spring Break Bash.

We’ll be spicing up the week and celebrating hard-working students by upping our animal show schedule. Every 30 minutes we’ll be putting on a riveting animal show. Don’t miss our roaring carnivore feedings or our supple giant snake showdown. With shows running all day, every minute of spring break 2024 will be a bash. Your adventure awaits!


a keeper feeds an alligator a meal


Laugh wildly this Spring Break in San Antonio!


Funny, adorable & hilarious are the best ways to describe our friends at Animal World. From the troublesome camel sisters Kamilla and Kahla to the raunchy gibbons Gibby and Judith. Everyone at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo is on their silliest behavior. Our mischievous goats have gathered all their best pranks to pull on you at our petting zoo. Meanwhile, our free-roaming male peacocks have groomed themselves endlessly for a magnificent showing just to impress you and their lady peacock friends. Take a look at some of our silliest animal moments from last year:






According to our goats, it’s always play time here at the Zoo! #goats #pettingzoo #snakefarm

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