Your wildest adventure yet awaits at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo!


Uh-oh! our bias is showing, but we have to brag about our extended show schedule & exciting encounters at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo. During Spring Break 2024 starting Saturday, March 9th to Sunday, March 17th, our animal show schedule will be doubled! That means twice the carnivorous fun with live feedings & educational shows. During our shows, you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pet a ten-foot-long Burmese python. You’ll stand watch as our hyenas rip, tear & laugh through a protein-rich meal. Experience the thrill of seeing white lions munch on a healthy diet rich in nutrients. Don’t forget the majestic bison show either! These beautiful bovines are more personable than you would expect.


As if that’s not enough, you could see what it means to be hungry like the wolf during our carnivore feeding show. Every half hour at Animal World brings more excitement and fun memories that will last a lifetime. What’s the best part about our animal shows and live feedings? It’s FREE with the price of admission. What an adventure! Experience all this and more at the Jungle Jam Spring Break Bash starting Saturday, March 9th until Sunday, March 17th. 

Our lion enjoy his meal during a live feeding



Spring Break 2024 Adventures: Animal Encounters Japanese Gardens and More! Animal shows aren’t the only unforgettable memories abound at Animal World during this spring break in New Braunfels. Experience a once in a lifetime one-on-one encounter with one of our friendly reptiles or mammals. Venture out of your comfort zone with our huge Burmese python Simon. He’s one of our most popular scaled showmen! At nearly ten feet long with a beautiful albino color, Simon is all too happy to hang out with you. Our snakes are also the star of our Myths and Misconceptions show, during which we dispel some of the misconceptions surrounding reptiles like him. For example, many people believe that snakes are deaf. This is a misconception. Although lacking eardrums, snakes possess inner ears that allow them to hear low-pitch sounds and ground vibrations. Simon isn’t the only noodle-shaped friend waiting to encounter you.


We also have our albino corn snake, Ruby. With a beautiful red ruby shimmer, she makes for an encounter equally exciting as rare. Another rare friend to be found at Animal World is our lemurs. Hailing from the remote island of Madagascar, our Lemurs Tilly & Chili are silly sapiens who would love to meet you! Not only are they some of the friendliest primates, but they are also the most gravely endangered primates in the world according to World Wildlife International.


We can’t go on about our animal encounters without mentioning our most popular pals, the capybaras. Known as the world’s largest and most friendly rodents, the capybara is a social mammal that thrives on social contact with other capybara. The bonds capybaras form with each other is an integral part of their health & happiness. They use many different sounds to communicate with each other including a chirp, whistle, purr, huff, or even bark. Our next exciting encounter that you have to see this spring break in Texas is the frisky fennec fox. The fennec fox is one of the world’s smallest canids. With large adorable ears and thick hairy soles on their feet, the fennec fox is well suited for the heat-intensive biomes that they inhabit. They are also highly social creatures who live together in groups of up to ten.


Check out our Tiktok linked below for more fennec fun:


All of these wondrous creatures and more are available for a one-on-one encounter this spring break with you!

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A family holds up our Burmese python Simon


A Japanese wonderland, right in the middle of San Antonio!


Spring Break 2024 Adventures: Animal Encounters Japanese Gardens and More! Experience Japanese authenticity this Spring Break San Antonio 2024. The Japanese Tea Garden in Brackenridge Park was once an abandoned quarry. Now it’s a breathtaking professionally curated and well-kept attraction open for free to any San Antonio native or visitor. Walk the serene garden slopes and traverse the picturesque Japanese vista. Admire the families of ducks, turtles, and koi who call its peaceful waters home. After your walk through the garden and Brackenridge Park then mozy on over to the historic Jingu house, the top portion of which has been turned into an authentic Japanese cafe. This a must-see stop for any Spring Break 2024 celebration.


The iconic Japanese Tea Garden rests in Brackenridge park in San Antonio. Its not to be miss.



Have A Helping Of Health During Spring Break In New Braunfels At The Farmers Market


Finding healthy food isn’t a hassle in New Braunfels! Lots of farmers, producers, chefs, and tons of other vendors are eager to show you their passion for locally sourced food and goods. All year long, rain or shine every Saturday at 9 am the New Braunfels community bands together to provide an alternative to the big box store brands. You’ll find unique flavors of micro greens, freshly charred brisket, delicious street tacos, never-before-seen hummus flavors and so much more!

Visit the New Braunfels Farmers Market for a community driven alternative to big brands.


Witness the start of stardom at the Brauntex Theater Enrichment Activities


In the heart of downtown New Braunfels lies the historic Brauntex Performing Arts Theater. Opening on the eve of America entering the Second World War, this theater supports our troops like no other in town. With such a huge line-up you can catch a riveting performance by artists from all over the world. You won’t run out of sights to see this spring break in Texas!




Adventure Awaits In The Waters Of The Beautiful Texas Rivers and Lakes


Central Texas is the place to have your wildest adventure of the year! The best way to beat the heat this year is to take the plunge into one of our rivers or lakes. See straight through the clear spring-like water of the San Marcos River. Soak in the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers in New Braunfels. Enjoy Austin and float for fun in Lady Bird Lake. While you’re there you can paddle up to the Barton Springs swimming pool open to the public. Whatever you choose to do, know that Texas has the best enrichment activities for you & your family!



However you spend your Spring Break make sure to stop by Animal World for our Jungle Jam! Get your tickets here

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