Our featured animals for the month of September are our incredible Asian small clawed otters! Let’s dive into some fun facts about these amazing creatures. Do you already have a favorite otter fact?

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Pictures of a Group of Otters

As a species that thrives in community, there is no better way to start our feature of these personable little creatures than some photos that showcase exactly that. While it isn’t evident from a photo alone, Asian small clawed otters use over a dozen different vocalizations to communicate with one another. Even though many of them sound identical to the average human ear, they are quite distinct in their meanings and act as a well-rounded form of communication for the species.

Before viewing pictures of an adorable group of otters in all their glory, here are some compelling species facts about otters. Did you know that each individual otter has a unique scent that acts as a form of identification? While humans rely on legal documentation like driver’s licenses, our otters rely on their keen sense of smell to tell one another apart! Another fun fact about these aquatic animals is that, like most otter species, they do not know how to swim from birth. Because of this, their parents teach them how to swim as soon as they can retain the information. 

Group of Otters Playing at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo

Generally speaking, most otter species thrive in the water since they are the only amphibious members of the weasel family. However, this otter species actually spends more time on land than underwater! As these photos may imply, Asian small clawed otters partake in many daily activities like eating, playing, and sleeping on dry land. With this being said, it is very crucial for the species to be good swimmers since much of their livelihood and diet depend on it. Since these creatures thrive both on land and in water, no feature on the species would be complete without seeing them in action in both of their natural habitats.

Group of Otters Playing at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo

A Group of Our Otters Swimming

Since a considerable portion of the otter species’ diet consists of creatures like crabs, snails, and fish, it is pertinent for the species to be good swimmers. Asian small clawed otters are no exception. For instance, Asian small clawed otters have long, aerodynamic bodies that allow them to swim quickly. This streamlined quality also helps the species as hunters since it is easier for them to spontaneously change direction while pursuing prey. You can learn even more Asian small clawed otters facts regarding their swimming during your next visit to the Zoo!

As mentioned previously, otter species thrive in communities and family clusters. Our otters can often be seen swimming together in their habitat by our guests. In the picture below, you can see our otters swimming and splashing around in the water as one happy family! 

Although it can be challenging to fully capture this species’ cuteness in still photos, you are sure to see this adorable group of otters and much more when you visit Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo! Since we are featuring this otter species for the entire month, you can check out our bi-weekly Otterly Awesome Show that will be taking place every weekend throughout the month of September. 

At this event, you can marvel at the adorable species being fed by our skilled, animal-loving staff. Also, make sure to look for them playing with one another in the water as they munch on some of their favorite snacks. Ice cubes have been a favorite treat this summer! Watch this otterly amazing video about our Asian small clawed otters to learn more fun facts about this species! 

Group of Otters Playing at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo

More Amazing Animal Shows Offered at The Zoo!

While the Otterly Awesome Show is centered around our otter species, Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo offers plenty of other amazing animal shows year round! Since each show is centered around a specific animal, or type of animal, you are sure to come away with lots of animal knowledge and plenty of photo ops by the end of your visit with us. Whether you have a soft spot in your heart for cold-blooded reptiles, or need to see some adorable baby animals as soon as possible, there is sure to be something for you when you review our daily show schedule!

Want to see more adorable animal content before you visit us? Check out Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo’s TikTok page for some fun animal antics!


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