Up close of zebra stripes and face. Teach people fun facts about zebras.

July’s Featured Animal here at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo is Grant’s zebra! To celebrate, we want to share some wild and fun facts about zebras with you. From the noises they make to that unique pattern they sport, we will cover it all. If you can think of any questions that we might have missed, go ahead and book a visit with us and ask our keepers for yourselves!

What Does a Zebra Sound Like?

One of the most commonly asked questions about our July Featured Animal is: What does a zebra sound like? Do they sound like horses or donkeys? Maybe like other types of hoofstock? The answer is that zebras do often sound a lot like donkeys or other hoofstock, but they sometimes make noises that are rather unusual. Most of their vocalizations are either barks or snorts. Some of their sounds can be quite high-pitched and sound like a squealing pig, while others are very low and sound similar to a grumbling cat. These noises can be made for a wide variety of reasons, including greeting other zebras or warning threats to stay away. Listen to what a zebra sounds like, and learn other fun facts about zebras, by clicking the provided video link.

 Are Zebras Black With White Stripes?

The second most common thing our zookeepers are asked about these creatures would have to be the age-old question, “are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes”? This is a question that always gets our visitors thinking and debating with one another. Luckily, our zookeepers are never far away with the correct answer. Zebras are black with white stripes. We know this is because even though they have black and white fur, a zebra’s skin is black. If you shaved a zebra it would be almost completely black! You would hardly recognize it.

Now that we have covered our top two most common fun facts about zebras, let’s throw in some specific fun facts about zebras for kids! Our first fun fact for inquisitive kiddos is that zebras can sleep standing up! This odd trait helps them to be ready to run if a predator tries to sneak up on them in their sleep. It is a lot easier to make a nimble escape if you are already up and ready to go! Our second fact for our young animal explorers is that each zebra’s stripe pattern is unique to them. Just like our human fingerprints are unique to each individual person, no two zebras have the same exact stripe pattern. Our final and favorite fact for the kiddos today is that a group of zebras is called a dazzle. It does make a lot of sense. Seeing these magnificent animals running in a blur of stripes is quite dazzling!


More Fun Facts About Zebras to Ponder!

Here are some more fun facts about zebras for you to think about, as well as some magnificent photos for you to enjoy. Next time you come out to see us, please make sure to ask us your toughest follow-up questions about this species. Also, remember to keep on the lookout for our August’s Featured Animal announcement!

Bonus Facts!

  1. The lion is the most prevalent predator of a zebra
  2. Grant’s zebras live on the African savanna 
  3. White-colored stripes can be 18 degrees cooler than their dark counterparts
  4. Zebras use their stripes to camouflage themselves in tall grasses 
  5. Zebras fight off predators by kicking and biting

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