Clouded leopards are a very interesting species of cat. Though they are not considered large cats, they do not perfectly fit within the small cat category either. Unlike big cats, they are smaller in body size, but they do have the largest canine-to-body size ratio out of any feline. The canines of a clouded leopard are just as big as the canines of some big cat species, but the clouded leopard is only a small percentage of their body size. The clouded leopard’s tail is also the largest tail-to-body size of any cat species. This tail allows them to have excellent balance while climbing through trees. 

Unfortunately, the clouded leopard’s habitat is under attack. Clouded leopards prefer thick forests, but there is a significant deforestation problem in the parts of Asia where they are found. 

Did You Know?
Clouded leopards get their name from the unique pattern on their coat!

  • Genus: Neofelis
  • Species: Neofelis Nebulosa
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