Clouded Leopard Cub full body fun facts

Did we say clouded leopard cub reveal? We meant CUBS reveal! Here at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo, we are excited to announce the birth of two clouded leopard kittens. To celebrate this incredible bit of news, we want to share some clouded leopard facts and photos with you! 

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Clouded Leopard Facts

We thought we would choose our top three favorite clouded leopard facts to share with you. These include information about their habitat, size, and of course those large teeth they are so well known for. Dive on into our clouded leopard fact guide so you can be experts by the time you see our cubs in person! If there are any facts that we have left out, feel free to check out our clouded leopard video on YouTube. The adult leopard facts on this page are the same as clouded leopard cub facts. These cubs will grow up to be just like the big guys on our website! Let’s get started with our top three clouded leopard facts!

Fact One: Where Does a Clouded Leopard Live?

Clouded leopards are found in Asia, specifically Southeast Asia. Within this region, this species’ habitat is usually made up of forests and scrublands. Unfortunately, the clouded leopard’s habitat is under attack. These cats prefer thick forests, but there is a significant deforestation problem in the parts of Asia where they are found. There are many conservation organizations working to improve the clouded leopard’s habitat situation. 

Fact Two: Clouded Leopard Size

Clouded leopards generally weigh between 25 and 50 pounds. Their body, not including their incredible tail, is about two and a half feet long. Although they are large compared to our cats at home, these guys are not considered to be one of the big cat species. Clouded leopards are categorized as a small cat species and are a very interesting species of cat. They have some wild body adaptations. The clouded leopard has the largest tail-to-body size ratio of any cat species. This tail allows them to have excellent balance while climbing through trees. The clouded leopard’s ability to rotate their ankles backwards allows them to climb up and down trees nimbly. This makes them excellent arboreal hunters. The kings and queens of the trees!

Fact Three: Clouded Leopard Teeth

Clouded leopards have the largest canine-to-body size ratio out of any feline. The canines of a clouded leopard are just as big as the canines of some big cat species, but the clouded leopard is only a small percentage of their body size. These impressive canines are incredibly similar to those of the extinct saber-toothed cat! These huge canines, plus the extreme strength of the clouded leopard’s jaw, make them fast and highly successful predators.

Pictures of the Clouded Leopard – Adults and Babies at AWSFZ

To top off the rest of this blog, let’s check out some photos! We will show pictures of the clouded leopard that gave birth to these youngsters as well as pictures of the male clouded leopard cub and the female clouded leopard cub. Make sure to scroll to the end of our photos to see pictures of the clouded leopard cubs playing!

Clouded Leopard Cub full body fun facts

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