Have you met our newest residents? We’re thrilled to introduce Sid and Sylvia, an adorable pair of two-toed sloths!

These two are quite the duo. They’ve happily settled into their new exhibit and are happily showing off their unique personalities! Though she may be a slow roamer, Sylvia is proving to be a very curious, inquisitive little girl. She loves to explore every nook and cranny of her new habitat and can be found climbing around on her ropes and branches. Sid, on the other hand, is a professional napper! He loves to bask in the warmth and snack on his favorite food— sweet potatoes!

Did You Know?

These slow-moving animals are nocturnal creatures that reside in trees in the tropical forests of Central and South America. Their long, curved claws make it easy for them to hang onto branches. Sloths spend almost their entire life upside down. They eat, sleep, mate, and give birth from this position. These animals are also great swimmers— oftentimes, sloths jump off trees into a river and can swim across by doing the breaststroke!

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