Animal care staff at Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo recently welcomed a two new residents to the facility— two white-cheeked gibbon sisters. The spunky duo, affectionately named “Gibbie” and “Judith,” arrived to their new home on January 18th.

“We are thrilled to welcome the sisters to Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo,” said Hannah Mulligan, the Zoo’s Deputy Director. “Not only have they brought us endless joy, they are a critically endangered species that we are honored to help protect.”

As an adult female, Gibbie, age 9, has already reverted to her blonde color while Judith, age 6, still has her black coat. White-cheeked gibbons’ appearance varies by age and with sex— all infants are born a blonde color. When they are about one to one and a half years old, their coats become black with white cheek patches. At sexual maturity (which is about five to seven years old), males stay black while females return to the initial blonde color.

Gibbie and Judith can be visited on exhibit during regular business hours. Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo is a year-round attraction, open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily.



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