Fall Halloween Event at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo

Excited for the beginning of fall but the hot weather is preventing you from getting in the mood for autumn festivities? We know the feeling, but rest assured! There are plenty of upcoming events that are sure to get you in the fall mood—even when October weather in Houston hasn’t quite gotten the memo. Although cooler temperatures are a major aspect of autumn, such weather (or lack thereof) should not impact your fall plans! Whether you’re savoring the summer or can’t wait until it starts to cool off, here are some Halloween-themed festivities that all fans of the spooky season can look forward to. Before diving in on the spooktacular specifics of each event, you can check out the list of these fun-filled festivities below:

  • Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo’s Howl-O-Ween Extravaganza
  • Sylver Spoon Dinner Theater’s Halloween Brunch and Movie
  • DoA Radio’s Fright Night Halloween Market and Fest
  • Dallas Halloween Block Party
  • Children’s Museum Houston’s Halloween Monster Mayhem
  • Dripping Springs Pumpkin Festival
  • Disney Princess: The Concert
  • Día de Los Muertos Parade and Festival
  • Medical City North Hills’ Spooktacular Drive-Thru Halloween Event

During our Halloween event, children 12 and under who visit the Zoo in their Halloween costumes get in for FREE! Fill out this survey to get in on this amazing deal.

Houston Halloween Parties That Are Guaranteed to Be Fun for the Whole Family!

While it can be tough to get in the Halloween spirit when October weather in Houston still feels like summer, Halloween-themed events like Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo’s annual Howl-O-Ween Extravaganza hope to get guests excited for the long-anticipated holiday! Even though zoos are not typically associated with Halloween, the Zoo offers a fresh twist on fall traditions. During our Halloween event, we proudly showcase our animals in Halloween-themed shows and encourage kiddos to learn about some of our animal residents while they indulge in fun trick-or-treating activities. 

Howl-O-Ween Extravaganza at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo!

If the Zoo is a bit of a commute, consider staying a spell in New Braunfels and attending some of our favorite local Halloween festivities. Sylver Spoon Dinner Theater’s spooktacular Halloween Brunch and Movie event is one of our favorites! Since many Houston Halloween parties like DoA Radio’s Fright Night Halloween Market and Fest take place earlier in the month, visit us in New Braunfels to experience how our town celebrates Halloween. 

A Houston Halloween Celebration and a Dallas Halloween Party That Families Won’t Want to Miss Out on!

Although our annual Halloween event takes place during the last weekend in October, there are plenty of other Halloween events that are guaranteed to get you in the fall spirit before then! One widely beloved Dallas Halloween party, that annual attendees always look forward to, is the Dallas Halloween Block Party. As its name implies, the event is held on a street block in the heart of the city and boasts several classic Halloween festivities. From costume contests to spookily-themed foods and refreshments, there will be a lot to explore! 

If you wanted to celebrate Halloween a bit further south, Houston Halloween events like the family-friendly Halloween Monster Mayhem are sure to get attendees in the Halloween spirit! Since many parents want the holiday to be more than a day where their kids can eat all the candy they want, educational Halloween events are becoming ideal happy mediums for both parents and their children. Halloween Monster Mayhem is held at Children’s Museum Houston, so guests can participate in educational, interactive scavenger hunts while getting free candy—the best of both worlds! Such Houston Halloween parties are sure to be fun and educational learning experiences for the whole family.

When Will it Start Feeling Like Fall Outside?

This certainly is the age-old question! While much of the world experiences all four seasons like clockwork, cooler seasons like fall and winter are much more fleeting in Texas. With this being said, Texans should expect relatively cooler October temperatures across the state. For instance, October weather in Houston is anticipated to begin cooling off during the second full week of the month. Although highs and lows during the month are expected to be quite similar to September’s, we will begin to see lower nightly temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s later in the month. October weather in San Antonio is expected to follow a similar pattern. This means that we can expect cool fall nights for much of mid to late October—just in time for Halloween!

Halloween Event 2022 at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo

Final Blast of Spooktacular Halloween Events Austin, Houston, and Dallas Have to Offer

For folks who want to ring in this Halloween season in Texas’ capital, here are a few Halloween events Austin side that are sure to be perfect for you and your family! One such event is the Dripping Springs Pumpkin Festival in Dripping Springs. With over 50 fall-inspired games and attractions to choose from, live music courtesy of 100.1 Sun Radio, and plenty of delectable Halloween-themed treats, there’s sure to be something for everyone! 

You can also find plenty of fun-filled festivities just east of Austin in Houston. Since October weather in Houston is anticipated to cool down just in time for Halloween, celebrate the spooky season like royalty at Disney Princess: The Concert. The best Halloween event in Houston for parents whose children love Disney princesses. While the performers are not dressed as Disney characters, their award-winning and Broadway-featured talents are sure to keep you and your little ones entertained! The event will also provide some much-needed variety alongside the more traditional Houston Halloween events you will surely be attending.

While we have already covered one notable family-friendly Dallas Halloween party, here are a few more that will undoubtedly be wonderful additions to your Halloween plans! One such event is the iconic Día de Los Muertos Parade and Festival in downtown Dallas. In addition to being a beautiful holiday that celebrates the just as vibrant lives of the recently departed, the event is a surefire way for people to learn about the city’s diverse heritage while enjoying live music and Halloween-themed goodies! Another fun-packed Halloween event in Dallas is Medical City North Hills’ Spooktacular Drive-Thru Halloween Event. Besides offering socially distanced trick-or-treating opportunities, the event boasts classic Halloween activities like pumpkin decorating and costume contests! These spooktacular Austin, Houston, and Dallas Halloween events are sure to get attendees in the fall spirit.

One of Our Favorite Halloween Events San Antonio Side!

We may be a little biased, but one of our favorite Halloween events San Antonio side is Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo’s annual Howl-O-Ween Extravaganza! Along with our educational (and fun!) trick-or-treat stations where kids can get free candy while learning about some of the Zoo’s animal residents, we will also be hosting Halloween-themed shows that feature some of our creepiest and scaliest inhabitants. Such shows include Medusa’s Minion, which allows guests to get up close and personal with a 10-foot Burmese python, and Oogie Boogie’s Babies, an event that showcases some of the Zoo’s cutest residents. If you still aren’t convinced to celebrate this Halloween season with us, know that kids 12 and under who attend the event in their Halloween costumes get in free once this survey is completed! Experience a Halloween celebration like no other when you visit the Zoo during our 7th annual Halloween event!

Halloween Event 2022 at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo

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