The end of summer can be bittersweet, but there are plenty of amazing Halloween events in Austin to look forward to! Since this sheer quantity of events can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our favorite events to attend during the spooky months. Whether you need an excuse to dress as your favorite fictional character or are looking for a new spooky event to attend this year, these events could make great additions to your plans this Halloween season! Here is a list of the spooktacular events we will be discussing throughout this blog: 


  • Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo’s Howl-O-Ween Extravaganza
  • Blind Pig Pub’s Austin Halloween Bar Crawl
  • Easton Park’s Fifth Annual Wicked Walk
  • The Olympia Hills Golf and Event Center’s Halloween Bash Happy Hour
  • The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Presents The Grand Ol’ Halloween Show

During our Halloween event, you can get FREE children’s admission when you book your tickets online. Reserve your tickets here to get in on this amazing offer while supplies last!

Celebrate Halloween at the Zoo During Our Annual Howl-O-Ween Extravaganza!

One of our personal favorite ways to celebrate the Halloween season is through our very own Halloween event here at the Snake Farm! During this spooktacular event, you can attend our 14 Halloween-themed animal shows and indulge in yummy treats from over a dozen trick-or-treating stations. Since trick-or-treating wouldn’t be the same without dressing up, we encourage you to visit us in your Halloween costume as we celebrate our annual Howl-O-Ween Extravaganza on October 28th and 29th! And that’s not all; to make this Halloween at the Zoo even sweeter, your kids can get in for FREE when you purchase tickets for this event on our website! Since supplies are limited, we encourage guests to pounce on this deal as soon as possible.

Now that we’ve told you a little bit about our Halloween event, it’s time to share even more about one thing that makes it particularly unique: our fun-filled trick or treat stations! While many of these stations offer the traditional trick or treat experience, a few of them take this experience to the next level by encouraging you to meet some of our creepiest, crawliest residents! At these stations, you can face your fears by holding critters like centipedes and Harriett our hairy tarantula. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite Halloween events in Austin!

Check Out These Fun-Filled Adult Trick or Treating Events

During our annual Halloween at the Zoo celebration, we are lucky enough to meet zoo guests from all over the great state of Texas. Because of this, we wanted to spread the love by sharing some of our favorite Halloween events in Austin to attend with your significant other! While there are plenty of family-friendly Halloween events in Texas, the next few events we will be discussing are perfect for couples who want to celebrate the spooky season while indulging in Halloween-themed alcoholic beverages and other spirits (pun intended!).  


The first adult trick or treating event we will be highlighting is Blind Pig Pub’s Austin Halloween Bar Crawl. During this event, you can roam downtown Austin and check out over 10 different bars and nightclubs with one all-access pass! This spooktacular event includes free shot tickets at select venues, exclusive drink specials, and much more. And did we mention that you can do all of this in costume? Discover the incredible nightlife downtown Austin has to offer as you get into the Halloween spirit!

Another incredible Halloween event that we highly recommend is Easton Park’s Fifth Annual Wicked Walk. As you walk along the park’s scenic trail in costume, you can trick or treat at booths hosted by local community partners, play carnival games, and enjoy a selection of delicious food from local food trucks and vendors! While this event is perfect for Halloween lovers of all ages, adults are also encouraged to dress in costume and indulge in nostalgic trick or treating activities. Since this event takes place on the first day of our Howl-O-Ween Extravaganza, it’s the perfect way to get ready for our Halloween at the Zoo 2023 party if you’re joining us on the 29th!

Even More Amazing Halloween Events Near Me

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite adult trick or treating Halloween events in Austin, here are a few bonus event recommendations closer to New Braunfels. If you’re looking for an excuse to dress in costume and indulge in delicious foods and drinks at exclusive rates, you should consider swinging by the Olympia Hills Golf and Event Center’s Halloween Bash Happy Hour! During this event, you can expect live entertainment, food and drink specials, and much more. This event is another great way to get excited about our Halloween at the zoo 2023 celebration! 


The last spooktacular event we will be discussing in this blog is perfect for locals who love Halloween and musical theater. Of course, this event is none other than the Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Presents The Grand Ol’ Halloween Show! Described as a wickedly fun celebration of the traditional American Halloween experience, this show embraces the fun-loving, mischievous qualities that define the spooky season. This comedic, jazzy show is sure to leave you in more stitches than Frankenstein’s monster!


We hope these fun-filled Halloween events near me inspire you to make spooktacular plans this Halloween season. From Halloween-themed foods and drinks to ample trick or treating opportunities for Halloween lovers of all ages, you are sure to love at least one of these incredible events!

Enjoy Cooler Austin Weather in October at Our Spooktacular Halloween Event!

As this spooky blog comes to a close, we wanted to encourage you to celebrate the Halloween season with your favorite animal residents at our 8th annual Howl-O-Ween Extravaganza! Besides serving as an incredible opportunity to take in the changing leaves and chillier Austin weather in October, our Halloween event is sure to be frightfully fun for guests of all ages. From exclusive, Halloween-themed animal shows to our fun and educational trick or treat stations, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

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