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It has been a busy year for us! As 2016 comes to an end, we’re taking a look back at some of the moments and accomplishments that made this year so significant.

  1. In February, we were the first zoological facility in the United States to captive breed and produce Solomon Island spiny monitors (Varanus spinulosus), which was a massive step towards species conservation. You can read the published article on our success story here.
  2. We added two endangered bird species to our collection and captive breeding program— a pair of blue throated conures (Pyrrhura cruentata) and a pair of blue headed macaws (Primolius coulonia). Through the management of these animals, we are participating in a global effort to stabilize the population and protect their species.
  3. Our community helped us celebrate the birth of many new Zoo additions— including the birth of a Grant’s zebra, five gray wolf puppies, a red-ruffed lemur, three rock hyrax, a hyacinth macaw, five Angel Island speckled rattlesnakes, a clutch of cape coral cobras and many more.
  4. Speaking of births— we gave “birth” to our new logo and website! Taking the first steps in the rebranding process was a must, and we are happy to continue our rebranding journey into the new year.
  5. We began the construction for our most impressive exhibit yet, which will be the home to a pair of gorgeous jaguars (Panthera onca). Equipped with a running river and two waterfalls, the new exhibit will be the perfect home for these water-loving cats.





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